IEEE Engineering Your World Contest

In 2009, IEEE celebrates 125 years of Engineering the Future. The celebrations are already well under way, and IEEE invites you to get involved by sharing your ingenuity with the world. In celebration of its 125th Anniversary on 13 May 2009, Engineering the Future Day, the IEEE Engineering Your World competition officially launched to identify the planet’s most fun and innovative use of science, engineering and technology to enhance the world around us.

Celebrate by Engineering Your World!

The Engineering Your World competition asks anyone with an innovative bone in their body from across the globe to submit short videos demonstrating their use of science, engineering and technology to make their living spaces more livable, fun, convenient or futuristic.

Whether it’s your dorm room, apartment, office, bathroom or automobile, how have you improved your living environment? Have you rigged your alarm clock to make you a pot of coffee in the morning? Or fashioned a virtual whiteboard in your car for convenient problem-solving on the go? Or programmed your web cam to automatically police your dorm room while you’re away at class? Similar to IEEE’s 125 years of innovations, there are no boundaries to Engineering Your World, just possibilities.

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