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Congratulations to the 15 finalists for the IEEE Presidents’ Change the World Competition! The 2008, 2009 and 2010 IEEE presidents are currently evaluating the projects to select the winners, who will be informed per the rules. Voting for the People’s Choice winner is officially open to the public so vote now! Select the project that you think has the best overall results and the greatest impact on humanity or a local community. Limit one vote per person per project. People’s choice voting ends 13 June 2009. All competition winners will be announced to the public by 26 June. See full rules for details.


The idea of applying Robotics in agriculture is very new.

An Effective Signalling & Tracking System For Disasters In Coastal Areas

Natural disasters like: cyclone and also some other problems like: attack of pirates are major problems for the people living in coastal areas.We plan to design a system which will effectively & appropriately provide signal to these people in case of such disasters and track the disaster affected people.

Chikitsa 2.0

Over the years, great advancements have been made in the field of medicine.

Concoction Sprayer Using Remotely Controlled Unmaned Device

It is physically difficult for a farmer to uniformly spray pesticides, insecticides etc.

e.quinox, Imperial College London

One of the major issues in developing countries is rural electrification.

Electronic Aids for Physically/Mentally Handicapped Children

We IEEE – B.V.Bhoomaraddi College of Engineering & Technology ’s Electronics & Communication Branch students have taken up an exciting venture to use Electronics to help Physically/Mentally Handicapped children of USHAS Center for Exceptional Children, Hubli ( ) by developing games/devices/toys etc that will create excitement/interest in the children to play them & hence undergo physical/mental exercise which is prescribed to them to overcome their disability but normally tend to neglect due to lack of enthusiasm & interest.

Engineering Innovators Without Borders

In the developing world, there is a need for techonolgies that make make their lives easier.

Guide Robot for the Blind

This project is triying to improve the dinamic of the blind people when traveling from one point to other and while they are in a building or group of facilities.

Information System on Human and Health Services (ISHHS)

Engineers have the responsibility to develop technological solutions to meet the rising needs of all people regardless of their socio economic environment.

Let’s Make it Better

The problem I have identified to define is the problem associated with the generation and usage of “Electricity”.

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