IEEE 125th Anniversary Fact Sheet

In 2009, IEEE will commemorate 125 years of fostering technological innovation and excellence for the public good. Although 13 May 2009 is IEEE’s official Anniversary date, the “Engineering the Future” celebration will include a year full of activities, events and the first IEEE Presidents’ Change the World Competition for students.

Following is an overview of some IEEE 125th Anniversary activities:

IEEE Presidents’ Change the World Competition

The competition is open to college and university students who demonstrate excellence in the design and implementation of technology that solves a challenge for the benefit of humanity. The competition’s goal is to recognize and reward individual students, or teams of students, who identify a real-world problem and apply engineering, science, computing and leadership skills to solve it. Submissions are being accepted from 1 September 2008 to 28 February 2009. The winning submission will receive US $10,000 and those honored with the top three prizes will be invited to accept their rewards in-person in June 2009 at the Annual IEEE Honors Ceremony. Additional details and competition rules can be found at

The focal point for all 125th Anniversary activities, keeps visitors abreast of how IEEE is celebrating this momentous occasion. The site contains a multimedia center for uploading congratulatory messages, videos or photos, commemorative vignettes from well-known influencers, members, staff and customers, an interactive calendar of events, and materials to help individuals plan and host their own celebratory activities.

IEEE Engineering the Future Media Roundtable

IEEE members and technology notables will address emerging technologies that they believe will have world-changing implications during a media event scheduled for March 10 in New York, NY. The event will not only celebrate IEEE’s anniversary year, but facilitate an open dialogue among the some of the most respected names in the engineering and technology sectors.

IEEE Global Engineering the Future Day

13 May 2009, IEEE’s official anniversary, is being designated IEEE Global Engineering the Future Day to help increase technology awareness and advancements around the world. It also encourages the public to recognize the impact technology has on their every day life and promotes continued innovation to create positive change.

IEEE Global Engineering the Future Series

A series of eight events celebrating IEEE’s 125 Years of Engineering the Future will take place in major world cities throughout 2009. Host cities include Austin, Texas, USA; Bangalore, India; Beijing, China; Boston, Mass., USA; London, England; Munich, Germany; San Jose, Calif., USA and Tokyo, Japan. In addition, local celebrations and anniversary activities will be conducted by IEEE groups around the world.

For More Information

Detailed and regularly updated information about IEEE 125th Anniversary is available at or contact Erika Larkin, Learn more about IEEE, at

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