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Since IEEE’s 125th anniversary celebration kicked off at the start of 2009, it has been written about more than 400 times by various publications from across the globe. Following are some of the most recent, noteworthy articles.

IEEE discusses world-changing tech
March 19, 2009

IEEE Celebrates its Two Millionth Article on IEEE Xplore®
March 18, 2009

IEEE highlights technologies that will change the world
March 16, 2009

IEEE: Computing, robotics, education benefit from tighter human-technology interactions
March 13, 2009

I-Slate’s probabilistic chip-powered tablet PC for the OLPC set
March 12, 2009

Computers have a lot to learn from the human brain, engineers say
March 10, 2009

I-Slate: Is this the Next One Laptop Per Child?
March 10, 2009

Brain-machine interface today, cyborgs tomorrow
March 10, 2009

Indian schoolchildren will be first to experience “probabilistic computing”
March 10, 2009

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